The process of making the parachutes is described in the following steps:

  • testing the optimal material and shape of parachutes (plastic trash bag, cotton, sewed plastic),
  • calculate and estimate the weight of the load,
  • making an appropriate stencil for the parachute gores,
  • the calculations from the following web pages can be used:
  • the plastic trash bag parachute with the diameter 1,5 m:
    • 8 large trash bags (one for each gore),
    • making a stencil,
    • binding gores together by using the stencil, a sewing machine or duct tape,
    • attaching 8 strings, each 2,5 m long, on each gore,
    • making a hole at the top of the parachute (it helps open the parachute faster and stabilize the parachute during the fall).
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