The movie of the launch, the flight and the fall (literally)

The obtained measurements and the interpretation of the data will be published as soon as possible.


In the school year 2011/2012 students of Gimnazija Vič are working on the project VIČ GOES TO SPACE. The goal of the project is to make an atmospheric probe and equip it with different sensors, living organisms, a parachute and a helium balloon.

Students aged 16 to 19 take part in the project.
They are divided into work groups, which function and research independently in certain fields. The groups are led by mentors. You can read more about the groups by clicking the links on the left side.

The project encourages connections between different natural science subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Informatics. We try to bring natural research work to our students in a practical way. We forward the natural competence to the students through practical and research work and through searching for innovative ways to solve the problems they face.

During the project students learn how to measure the equipment and try to adjust it, so it can work accurately despite extreme conditions.

Many Slovenian companies have helped our students by sponsoring and encouraging this kind of research work. This way the students do not only have access to the school laboratory equipment but to advanced technology provided by the sponsors as well.

Gimnazija Vič's work is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport and Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Maribor, which leads the project Development of Science Competences.